Philadelphia Matchmakers | Top 10 Signs He’s Afraid to Commit

As reputable matchmaking service in King of Prussia, we know firsthand that there are a lot of single men in Philadelphia who are afraid of settling down.  But what about your guy?  How does he measure up?  Are you wondering whether the man you’re seeing is really into you or not?  Don’t panic, because there are many ways to figure out whether he’s just having fun or trying to get serious.

That’s not to say that each of the following signs from our Philadelphia matchmakers is set in stone.  But if you notice a combination of the following signs, it should paint a clearer picture of his intentions.

It could be that he is damaged from a previous relationship and wants to take things slowly to avoid getting his heart broken again.  But then again, it could be other things—like the fear of commitment.

If he is afraid to commit, you want to figure this out early on because you don’t want to invest your precious time dating someone who doesn’t want to commit to you.  Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to show you some telltale signs that indicate he’s not in it for the long haul.

1. He Doesn’t Like to Hold Hands

Holding hands is something new couples do.  If a guy doesn’t want to hold hands with you, it’s because he’s not attached to you.  He doesn’t see himself as your boyfriend or in a relationship.  Holding hands is reserved for couples who are really into each other or even in love, something he is clearly not.

2. He Doesn’t Like Cuddling

If you can’t get him to hold your hand, you sure won’t get him to cuddle you.  If a man doesn’t want to cuddle you for any reason, it’s clear he doesn’t care for you.  Cuddling is a sign of intimacy and something couples do to show how much they care for one another.

3. He Doesn’t Like Kissing

Does he pull back when you go to kiss him?  That is not a good sign.  Kissing requires a lot of emotion; if he steers clear of kissing you, that’s a clear sign he isn’t ready to be with you.  It could be that he doesn’t know how to kiss or that he’s just afraid of commitment.

4. He Doesn’t Want to Meet Your Family

Is he always dodging family invitations?  Does he always tell you he has plans when you invite him to meet your parents?  Our Philadelphia matchmakers warn you about this guy—this should raise a red flag in your head.  Of course, if it’s early in the relationship, then you can give him a break.  But if the two of you have been dating for a while and he still doesn’t want to meet your parents, then clearly he is afraid of taking it to the next level.

5. He Doesn’t Share Personal Things with You

Even if he is as tough as nails, he should still be able to open up and share things with you.  If you ask him personal questions and he’s always avoiding them, he could be hiding something from you, or he doesn’t want you to get close to him.  Either way, this is bad because he doesn’t want to let you in to be a part of his life.

6. He Doesn’t Show Interest in Your Life

Does he show concern when you share a problem with him?  Does he care when you’re not having a good day?  If the man you’re dating doesn’t ask you personal things and shows no interest in your life, it’s clear he doesn’t care about you.  You are not a priority to him, and unfortunately, this won’t likely change.

7. He Doesn’t Like to Make Plans

This could be his way of keeping you at a distance, or it could be that he really does have a busy schedule.  But if you try to accommodate to his schedule and he still never wants to make plans or cancels all the time, then it’s clear he is afraid of commitment—or worse—he’s seeing someone else.

8. He Texts Other Women

If a man is texting other women while seeing you, it’s obvious he is keeping his options open.  It is unlikely that he sees you as the one and only, which is why he is texting other women.  This could eventually die down, but if the two of you have been dating for a while and it’s not letting up, our Philadelphia matchmakers know it’s a definite sign he doesn’t want to take things to the next level.

9. He Doesn’t Condone Relationship Going on Social Media

The two of you have clearly agreed to make it official, but he doesn’t want to make it Facebook official.  You tag him in pictures together but he never accepts.  You have asked him to change his relationship status and he always comes up with an excuse.  He is clearly keeping the relationship private—or better yet—keeping it a secret.  He is not 100% sure about you, and it shows because he doesn’t want to make it Facebook official.  The right man will have no problem letting the world know he is with you.  If you’re dating a man who is keeping you private, it’s best to cut your losses now.

10. He Doesn’t Hold Eye Contact

Whether it’s during casual conversation or while lying in bed, the right man will be able to look at you directly in the eyes.  If he can’t do this, it’s because he’s keeping something away from you or feeling guilty.  He could also be dodging direct eye contact because he doesn’t want you to reach him on an emotional level.

Are you sick and tired of dating men who are afraid of commitment?  Then it’s time to meet men who are ready for a relationship.  Let our Philadelphia matchmakers lend you a helping man and introduce you to quality men in Philadelphia who are ready for a serious and committed relationship.  Simply fill out the confidential form on our homepage to reserve your one-on-one matchmaking consultation today!