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Do you want to date successfully in Philly? Do you want to feel good about the dating process? Let our Philadelphia matchmakers teach you how.

Let’s take a little break for a second and think about how you would describe your entire dating experience. What’s the emotion that the word dating brings to you? What experiences, past or present, can you vividly remember? What does dating mean to you?

Each person thinks about dating in a different perspective. Your idea of dating is based on the things you have gone through, what you are currently feeling about your dating situation, and what you plan to accomplish in the future. What we have noticed in our 25 years of experience in the Philadelphia matchmaking and dating industry is that sometimes people get too entrenched in what they already know and feel about dating in general, and we know this can prevent them from being successful in the future.

When clients come to us and tell us they’re stuck in a dating rut, that they’re not meeting the right type of people, or that they have been out of the dating scene for a while and are clueless, we give them some general advice that will work to pick them up. We know this insightful dating advice will work for you too.


1. Know That You’re a Worthy & Loveable Person

Past relationships can be hurtful. Maybe ex partners along the way have made you feel unworthy and unlovable, perhaps you never felt the type of love you were supposed to, maybe you told yourself that there is something wrong with you, and that’s the reason you’re not attracting the right partners. Believe us, there is nothing wrong with you. Every piece of who you are makes you unique, and it makes you worthy of being loved. We want you to remember this and engrave it in your head.

2. Start Taking Care of Yourself

You need to take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally as it will be very important during your dating quest. When you take care of yourself, it sends potential partners a clue that you are someone who values themselves. If you have been neglecting yourself in any way, make an effort to change things around. Reach out to someone who can help you, such as a friend, family member, or professional. These people will be able to help you replenish those areas of your life that need it.

3. Feel Confident about What You Possess

Along with knowing that you deserve to be loved is knowing that you also possess good things to offer to your next partner. Whether it’s the kind and caring partner you will be, the humorous and fun person that you are, or that intellectual and wise side of you, know that you have a lot to offer. When you are ready and willing to share all your good qualities with someone, our King of Prussia matchmakers know you will be ready to date again.

4. Have the Right Attitude

When someone is scared about the dating process, fears begin to cloud their mind and will think they’ll never live up to anyone’s standards. Here at Philadelphia Singles, we know this can be catastrophic. When you can push yourself despite the fears of failure, it is then that you will be successful. Having the right attitude when you go out on dates, will allow that energy will transfer to your dates and they will notice how good you feel about yourself. It’s a positive cycle that will help you believe in love and trust that good relationships do exist.

5. Let Go of Your Ideal Partner

This can be a little confusing. On one hand, it’s always good to have a general idea of what type of partner you want to have; values, life directions, traits, and characteristics, those are good ideas to have. What happens, though, is that all too often, people make the mistake of having a supposed ideal partner in mind… That they must look and act a certain way. But the truth is, you can never predict who you will meet in the dating world, nor can you predict what will and will not work out. However, that’s the fun part, that mystery and excitement. So instead of having a defined image of your perfect partner, approach dating with an open-mind and enjoy the experiences you get with each person you meet. When the right partner comes along, they might fit your criteria of your ideal partner, but you might also be surprised as well.

6. Embrace This Time of Your Life

Each period or your life is unique, and you will never be able to repeat this period again. Life is constantly changing and it changes daily, but by embracing the today, it helps you come to love all the things you already have in life. It is human nature to always be thinking about what is next and what tomorrow will bring; the next meal, the next job, the next boyfriend or girlfriend, the next vacation, and the list goes on. But by savoring the idea of being single and enjoying the dating process, you will be content and find yourself at peace being single today.

7. Let Go If It’s Not Right

Being single and lonely and not having a partner can make you feel hopeless, but having to break it off when the relationship doesn’t feel right can also feel devastating. Being heartbroken when someone you really liked turns out to be completely different can crush you. You need to know that all these feelings are normal and it’s okay to sometimes be mad about the dating process; however, our experienced matchmakers want you to understand that you can’t let those bad experiences define you and the future of your dating career.
Take a few weeks off of dating and give yourself a clean slate. Just like life, dating also has its ups and downs, and we’re be very open and honest with you on this one. This is something we help our clients understand and deal with on a daily basis. Though we can’t predict how the future will turn out, one thing we are certain is that if you let us help you on your dating journey, we can make dating fun again. Our matchmakers will make dating feel fun, fresh, and exciting, just the way it’s supposed to be.

If you’re ready to meet your perfect partner, contact our matchmaking professionals here at Philadelphia Singles Matchmaking Service today and let us help you find them!

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